The power to lead

The power to lead

Businesses face complex challenges that involve a competitive marketplace, leadership development and organizational change. Asked to do more with less and respond faster to change, leaders are connecting people to profit in environments that encourage exploration and learning. Through innovation they continuously refine their business, setting new standards of operation and re-entering the market with a fresh approach.


When markets and economies shift, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day and find little or no time to develop leadership. More than ever businesses and communities of every shape and size need great leaders at all levels. Great leaders are willing to adapt and change, to study and grow, and to step outside their comfort zone. With the ability to see opportunities where others do not, they take what is in front of them and create something new and better. They instinctively know how to build on tradition and bring new thoughts and visions to life. Leaders are committed to the process of evolution knowing great rewards lie ahead.


Looking ahead to the future instead of behind to the past, great leaders have a clear vision and focus on positioning their company for the future. They seize opportunities gathering momentum by innovating and executing to gain a competitive advantage. They achieve results through others, and they value quality strategic thinking. They recognize the importance and the value of maintaining focus and improving performance. They plan for the long term and the short term, collaborating with their team to ensure each member knows what they need to do to get to the goal.


Imagine is one of the most powerful words in our language. Great leaders leverage the power of imagination by challenging their team with “how can we be better?” They believe in better because they know people don’t want quantity they value quality. They foster a “thinking and doing” environment, encouraging new ideas, and concepts. Innovating becomes a natural way of operating.

What action will you take to enhance your leadership skills? How are you using imagination and innovation to create a new vision of the future for your organization?

Liz Christoffersen