How to become a great salesperson

How to become a great salesperson

One of my mentors told me once if sales are not happening a company goes nowhere fast.  His message serves as a great reminder that making sales happen must be the number one priority of any successful business.

Great salespeople are the engine of a vibrant business and economy.  Studies have shown the most successful salespeople have the following personality traits, mental make-up and attitude.

Relationship Experts with a Service Focus

Great salespeople are relationship experts who think in terms of building a business.  They put the client or customer first always, focusing fully on the client or customer’s needs and assisting them throughout the purchase process.  They seek to develop quality, meaningful relationships that create lifetime value.  A transformational approach instead of a transactional approach provides them with a strong, steady stream of referrals.

Communication Artists & Value Generators

The ability to listen well and to truly hear all that is said and unsaid is a true art.  Great salespeople practice and hone their listening skills.  They make the time to craft great questions that dig deep – uncovering motivations and concerns.  Their ability to articulate value comes through in every aspect of their interactions.  Value is expressed in the language they choose in their conversations and the messages they send via email or social media.  The intent of their communication is always to provide value, to build trust, to make the decision making process easy and to serve the client or customer’s best interest.

Leverage Technology

Great producers spend their time and energy on activity and with people who will guide them to greater results.  They know technology allows them to accomplish more in less time.  They leverage technology as a means to be in touch and of service, understanding the fine line between being high tech and high touch.  Not leaving the quality of the relationship to chance with technology, they take the initiative to engage in live one to one interactions.

Attitude, Passion, Commitment

A positive attitude gives them the ability to know and play to strengths while not allowing weaknesses to hold them back.  High performance salespeople have an unwavering belief in their company, their product or service and themselves.  This passion and desire attract opportunity while their commitment to learning, growth and to excel enhances their ability to make the sale.  They are willing to invest in themselves and consistently work on improving their results.

Exceptional sales performers rely on their own action to create their reality and results.  They see problems as opportunities and are action oriented by nature.  They are in think, plan and prepare mode, constantly building their client/customer base and keeping their pipelines full.  They make sales happen regardless of the economic climate.

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Liz Christoffersen